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¿QuiereQuiere usted saber italiano en diez dias? : metodo practico y sencillo para hablar italiano por medio de la pronunciacion figurada

Type: materialTypeLabelBookPublication details: Barcelona : Editorial Ramon Sopena, 1957Edition: Novissima ediciòn corregida y aumentada.Description: 247 p. ; 16 cm.Language Note: Testo in spagnolo con citazioni in italiano.General note: In testa frontespizio: Métodos Roberston.General note: Contiene indici.

"I miei servi, i profeti" : Un paradigma profetico nello sviluppo letterario di Geremia / di Nicola Agnoli

Author: Agnoli, Nicola.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Études Bibliques 83.Publication details: Leuven Paris Bristol : Peeters, 2020Description: xii, 407 p. ; 24 cm.ISBN: 9789042942080Language Note: Italiano con citazioni in ebraico e greco.Bibliography: Con bibliografia (p: 358-388) e indici.

"Sal de tu tierra" : estudios sobre el extranjero en el Antiguo Testamento / Guadalupe Seijas de los Ríos-Zarzosa (ed.).

Other Author: Seijas de Los Ríos-Zarzosa, Guadalupe.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Asociación Bíblica Española ; Monografías bíblicas 76.Publication details: Estella (Navarra) : EVD, 2020Description: 237 p. ; 24 cm.ISBN: 9788490735855Language Note: Espagnolo.Bibliography: Con bibliografia (p: 227-231) e indici.

(Un) Sterblichkeit: Schrift, Körper, Kult : Beiträge des neunten Berliner Arbeitskreises Junge Aegyptologie (BAJA 9), 30.11.-2.12.2018 / herausgegeben von Alexandra Verbovsek ... [et al.] ; unter Mitarbeit von Nora Shalaby.

Author: (9º : Berliner Arbeitskreis Junge Aegyptologie 2018)‎ .
Other Author: Verbovsek, Alexandra ; Shalaby, Nora.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Göttinger OrientforschungenIV ReiheÄgypten ; 67Publication details: Wiesbaden : : Harrassowitz,, 2020Description: 216 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.ISBN: 9783447114189; 3447114185Language Note: Tedesco.Bibliography: Con bibliografia.

1 Samuel / Koowon kim

Author: kim, Koowon.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Asia Bible commentary ; Publication details: Cumbria Manila : Langham ATA, 2018Description: xvi, 281 p. ; 23 cm.ISBN: 9781783685172Language Note: Inglese.Bibliography: Bibliografia P; 279-281.

1, 2, 3 John / Gilbert Soo Hoo with Pervaiz Sultan

Author: Hoo, Gilbert Soo.
Other Author: Sultan, Pervaiz.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Asia Bible commentary.Publication details: Langham ATA : Cumbria Manila, 2016Description: xv, 176 p. ; 23.ISBN: 9781783688685Language Note: Inglese.

A grammar of the Hindi language : in which are treated the high Hindi, Braj, and the Eastern Hindi of the Ramayan Of Tulsi Das : also the colloquial dialects of Rajaputana, Kumaon, Avadh, Riwa, Bhojpur, Magadha, Maithila, etc. with copious philological notes / by Rev. S.H. Kellogg

Author: Kellogg, Samuel Henry, 1839-1899.
Other Author: Bailey, Thomas Grahame, 1872-1942.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookPublication details: London : Kegan Paula, Trench, Trubner and CO., Limited, 1938Edition: Third edition with notes on pronunciation by T. Grahame Bailey.Description: xxxiv, 584 p., xxvi c. di tav. : ill. ; 22 cm.Language Note: Testo in inglese con citazioni in hindi.

A handbook of colloquial Japanese / by Basil Hall Chamberlain

Author: Chamberlain, Basil Hall, 1850-1935.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookPublication details: London Yokohama [etc.] : Crosby Lockwood & Son Kelly & Walsh, LD, 1907Edition: 4 ed. Revised.Description: ix, 584 p. ; 19 cm.Language Note: Testo in inglese con citazioni in giapponese.General note: Contiene indici.

A necessary task : essays on textual criticism of the old testament in memory of Stephen Pisano / Dionisio Candido ; Leonardo Pessoa Da Silva Pinto (eds.)

Other Author: Candido, Dionisio, 1973- ; Pessoa Da Silva Pinto, Leonardo, 1980-.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Analecta biblica ; Studia 14.Publication details: Roma : G&BP, 2020Description: 292 p. ; 23 cm.ISBN: 9788876537240Language Note: Inglese.General note: Il volume in honore di Stephen Pisano (1946-2019).

A short Russian reference grammar : with a chapter on pronunciation / I. M. Pulʹkina ; edited by Prof. P. S. Kuznetsov

Author: Pulʹkina, I. M.
Other Author: Kuznecov, Petr Savvič , 1899-1968.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookPublication details: Moscow : Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1960Description: 226 p. ; 23 cm.Language Note: Testo in inglese con citazioni in russo.

A Spanish grammar for schools based on the principles and requirements of the grammatical society / by the late H. Butler Clarke

Author: Clarke, Henry Butler , 1863-1904.
Other Author: Arteaga y Pereira, Fernando de, 1851-1934.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Parallel Grammar Series ; Publication details: London New York : Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & CO., LTD. The Macmillan CO., 1919Edition: New edition revised by F. de Arteaga.Description: vi, 195 p. ; 19 cm.Language Note: Testo in inglese con citazioni in spagnolo.General note: Contiene indici.

A textbook of modern Spanish as now written and spoken in Castile and the Spanish American Republics / by Marathon Montrose Ramsey ; revised by Robert K. Spaulding

Author: Ramsey, Marathon Montrose , n.1867.
Other Author: Spaulding, Robert Kilburn, 1898-1991.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookPublication details: London : Adam & Charels Black, 1956Description: xix, 692, xvii p. ; 22 cm.Language Note: Testo in inglese con citazioni in spagnolo.General note: Contiene indici.

Agglutination oder adaptation? : eine sprachwiszenschaftliche Streitfrage / von Alfred Ludwig

Author: Ludwig, Alfred , 1832-1912.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookPublication details: Prag : J. G. Calve'sche K. K. Univ.-Buchhandlung, 1873Description: 133 p. ; 21 cm.Language Note: Tedesco.

Alalakh and its neighbours : proceedings of the 15th Anniversary Symposium at the New Hatay Archaeology Museum, 10-12 June 2015 / edited by K. Aslihan Yener and Tara Ingman.

Other Author: Yener, K. Aslihan ; Ingman, Tara.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Ancient Near Eastern studies ; Supplement 55.Publication details: Leuven Paris Bristol : Peeters, 2020Description: vii, 481 p. : ill. ; 31 cm.ISBN: 9789042938939Language Note: Inglese.Bibliography: Con bibliografia.

Alttestamentliche Religions-Geschichte / Von Max Löhr

Author: Löhr, Max, 1864-1931.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Sammlung Göschen 292.Publication details: Leipzig : Göschen, 1911Description: 179 p. ; 16 cm.Language Note: Tedesco.

Annotated english translation of K̲h̲ẉāb o k̲h̲ayāl, or "Visions of the past" : the text-book for the higher standard examination in Hindustani and Indian civil service candidates, United Kingdom / by Lieut.-Colonel D. C. Phillott

Author: Phillott, Douglas Craven, 1860-1930.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookPublication details: Calcutta : Thacker Spink & CO LTD, 1937Edition: 4 ed.Description: xiv, 48 p. ; 22 cm.Language Note: Testo in inglese con citazioni in lingua indostana.

Annotated english translation of Urdū roz-marra : or "every-day Urdu," the text-book for the lower standard examination in Hindustani / by Lieut.-Colonel D. C. Phillott

Author: Phillott, Douglas Craven, 1860-1930.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookPublication details: Calcutta : Printed at the Girish Printing Works and Published by the Author, 1921Edition: 5 ed.Description: vi, 18 p. ; 21 cm.Language Note: Testo in inglese con citazioni in lingua urdu.

Archiver, conserver et collectionner en Orient : Alexandre Tourovets in memoriam (1953-2019) / volume dirigè et èditè par Christian Cannuyer et Marianne Michel.

Author: Cannuyer (Ed.).
Other Author: Cannuyer, Christian, 1957- ; Michel, Marianne.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Acta Orientalia Belgica 33.Publication details: Bruxelles : , 2020Description: xxxi, 387 p. ; 24 cm.Language Note: Francese.

Armenische grammatik / von H. Hübschmann

Author: Hübschmann, Heinrich, 1848-1908.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookSeries: Bibliothek Indogermanischer Grammatiken ; 6.1Publication details: Leipzig : Druck und Verlag von Breitkope & Härtel, 1897Description: xxii, 575 p. ; 22 cm.Contents: 1. Armenische Etymologie.Language Note: Testo in tedesco con citazioni in lingua armena.

Aspect et temps en slave / par Hans Cristian Sørensen

Author: Sørensen, Hans Christian, n.1911.
Type: materialTypeLabelBookPublication details: Aarhus : Universitetsforlaget, 1949Description: 188 p. ; 25 cm.Language Note: Testo in francese con citazioni in lingua slava.Bibliography: Bibliografia: p. 186-188.General note: In testa al frontespizio: Aarhus Universitets Slaviske Institut (Institut slave de l’Université d’Aarhus).
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